Top 5 Things Needed for Mountain Climbing

Any mountain climber worth his salt knows that the right piece of equipment used at the right time could save a life. So when packing gear for when a mountain climbing excursion is planned, carefully select items to survive anything that the mountain and the weather throws at you.

Surviving the unexpected is the name of the game. That’s why we have charted out a list of top 5 things needed for mountain climbing that should never be left behind.

1. Navigation Gear

A serious mountain climber knows never to get lost while climbing those treacherous heights as turning around or going back in a critical period is supported immensely with the right navigation tools.
A topographic map placed in a protective case, a compass, altimeter, GPS device etc. could come in handy.

2. Emergency Nutrition

Always carry extra food in case of an emergency like horrid weather, navigation issues or injury, where you cannot access fresh nutrition. Make sure the emergency food kit you prepare should have food that keeps well, digests easily and requires no cooking at all.

3. First Aid Supplies

It is best to avoid an injury or sickness when climbing a mountain but in case you need it, a first aid kit should be within easy reach. Also learn MOFA – mountaineering oriented first aid training and WFR – wilderness first responder training for emergencies.

4. Water

Keeping yourself well-hydrated is critical while hiking up a mountain. You must have the necessary skills and the right tools for procuring more water and purifying it. Melting snow or boiling water for drinking all require skills a mountaineer must be expert at.

5. Fire

All mountain climbing enthusiasts must know how to start and then sustain a fire, even from wet wood. Fire starters come extremely handy here and two butane lighters kept in waterproof containers should be more than enough for an emergency.